microscope light source / LED / fluorescent / cold

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microscope light source / LED / fluorescent / cold microscope light source / LED / fluorescent / cold - MI-BGUV-LED


  • Applications:

    for microscopes

  • Light source:

    LED, fluorescent

  • Other characteristics:



 3W LED light source.
 Built-in color LED lamps.
 Maximum with three excitation groups.
 Light weight and small volume
 Combine light source, filter sets in one unit. 
 Support observation under bright field and fluorescent.
 Transfer observation mode by lever.
-It is much brighter than 50W halogen lamp and close 100W mercury.
-Higher efficiency excitation and much less radiation than mercury lamp.
-LED lamp has long working life.
-Immediate use is available.
-Well matched with Olympus CKX41 inverted microscope without changing original light path.
-Convenient and easy to transfer observation mode between bright field and fluorescent. 
-It provides users brighter and pure fluorescence vision.
-Easy to install and use.
-Start to use and close, no time waiting, improving working efficiency.
-Less heat dispassion to influence sample.
-Ensurance of user's safety.
-Users can get nice experience when it match to Olympus CKX41 inverted microscope.