epifluorescence microscope / laboratory / for research / for the medical industry



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for research, for the medical industry, for brain imaging

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Observation technique:

    phase contrast, epifluorescence, dark field

  • Other characteristics:

    with semi-plan objectives, with LED light, halogen


Scientific-grade fluorescence microscope MF43
MF43 is a research-grade fluorescence microscope latest developed by Mshot with excellent performance . The microscope adopts excellent quality infinity optical system and maximum fit to six fluorescence filter cubes. Meanwhile, the microscope can expand to phase contrast and dark field observation.
Trinocular tube, FN 22mm, high eyepoint, light path (100/0,50/50,0/100).
Employ ECO function for power managing.
0.001mm minimum accuracy fine and coarse focusing.
Semi apochromatic fluorescence objectives.
Built in daylight balance filter (LBD), decaying filter ND25,ND6.
6 hold positions epi fluorescent illumination.
100W high power Osram mercury lamp.
Semi apochromatic fluorescence objectives to offer excellent fluorescence imaging performance.
ECO button can automatically turn off transmitted illuminator when no operating after 5 minutes.
0.001mm super accuracy focusing to meet high quality microscopy requirement.
12V 100W halogen lamp ensuring excellent brightness under all objectives for fluorescence
Built-in LBD,ND25,ND6, fit to suitable brightness under different objectives.
Sextuple fluorescence illuminator, can install max. 5 groups fluorescence excitation groups.
Bright field observation, fluorescence observation, phase contrast observation and dark field observation available
User can enjoy excellent fluorescence imaging with high definition and good rendition.
ECO function provides huge convenience , save energy and lengthen the working life.
Multiple fluorescence illumination makes it possible to observe various kind of fluorescence..