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    for microscopes

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sCMOS MS60-2
MS60-2 is a scientific CMOS camera developed by Mshot ,adopts high quality sensor and USB3.0 interface, features with high frame rate, good color rendition and high sensitivity. Excellent image definition and color performance makes it an ideal camera used with microscope in the line of pathological diagnosis, metallurgical analysis, stereo observation and dark field.
MS60 sCMOS Features:
1/1.8"high quality sensor .
6.3 megapixels ,effective 3072H×2048V
USB3.0 data port
High frame rate 71fps under full resolution.
Spectral response 380nm ~ 650nm
Built-in 64MB image cache.
Fit to DirectShow / TWAIN
Support Windows XP 32Bit;Windows 7/8/10 32/64Bit
MS60 sCMOS Advantages:
Scientific level sensor to provide high clarity images.
Bigger size sensor size offers wider field of view and brightness.
USB3.0 data port to achieve high speed transmission.
High frame rate 30fps under full resolution offers smooth and fast preview.
Wider spectral response range fit to weak light environment.
Built-in 64MB image cache provides stable and safety using.
Excellent color reproduction and high clarity.
Well compatible software.
MS60 sCMOS Benefits:
User can enjoy high performance images.
See more sample area at one time with big sensor size.
High speed transmission save working time.
Get clear image even light is weak.
Fit to most bright field and dark field application, from biological to industry line.
Excellent color reproduction and high clarity offer user accurate information.
Free use with professional MSHOT microscope imaging software.
Compatible use with latest laptop in USB3.0 and Windows 8/10 OS.
SDK is available if secondary development is required.