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universal data logger / telemetry
MT20 & DL20

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universal data logger / telemetry universal data logger / telemetry - MT20 & DL20


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The all new MT20 has some very powerful design features that open a whole new perspective in sEMG telemetry and data logging. With the MT20, subjects are tested during real-life activities. Such as evaluation of physically disadvantaged individuals, ergonomics or sports activities such as skiing, swimming, cycling and running.

The MT20 system provides numerous approved radio bands allowing researchers and clinicians to operate two or more systems simultaneously so as to receive sEMG signals from up to 48 channels.

The battery-operated MT20 system, including the receiver is portable, compact, and lightweight so that it can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Multiple transmitters may be used easily on a single subject, or on multiple subjects for simultaneous real-time monitoring.