ankle and foot orthosis
Mile High

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ankle and foot orthosis ankle and foot orthosis - Mile High


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    ankle and foot orthosis



1” custom padded collar for increased patient comfort and compliance
Full grain leather exterior for a superior finish
Full interface lining cushions and protects fragile skin
Pretibial leather lace closure
Molded tongue
Molded integrated AFO
Supple cowhide leather lining


Charcot deformities
Ankle instabilities
Abnormal ankle alignment
Traumatic injury


Lace, Velcro, boot hooks or any combination closure allows the patient to don and doff the AFO more easily
Any height available
Black, brown, taupe, wine, beige, white and bone colors
Met, sulcus or full length foot plate
Toe fillers
Soft spot areas for bony prominence and pressure points
Heel cut out, solid heel or leather covered plastic window heel