buffer solution reagent / for scientific research / tissue / cell

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buffer solution reagent buffer solution reagent - 130-092-643


  • Type:

    buffer solution

  • Applications:

    for scientific research, tissue

  • Sample type:



PrepProtect Stabilization Buffer
For research use only
Size: 10 mL

Product overview
PrepProtect Stabilization Buffer is a non-toxic solution that stabilizes RNA, DNA, or proteins in cell or tissue samples for reliable downstream applications.

Detailed product information
Background information
PrepProtect Buffer prevents RNA degradation whenever quick-freezing or direct analysis after sample collection is not possible e.g. samples are shipped without dry ice, or frozen tissue is weighed and dissected. The non-toxic PrepProtect Buffer enables instant RNA stabilization in freshly harvested samples, abating the need to work fast. By simply adding PrepProtect Buffer, fresh samples are typically stable for at least one day at 37 °C, one week at 18–25 °C, one month at 4 °C, or for archival storage below –20 °C. This facilitates sample collection, the parallel processing of multiple samples, and allows for convenient sample shipment without dry ice. PrepProtect Buffer even seeps through previously frozen material and protects mRNA during thawing. Frozen samples incubated in PrepProtect Buffer are stable for up to one hour at room temperature or overnight at 4 °C. This enables researchers to prepare samples, for example, to weigh or dissect tissues, before RNA isolation. The buffer compensates the hardness of frozen tissue by softening its structure, thereby facilitating tissue lysis and homogenization without prior pulverization with mortar and pestle. Besides RNA stabilization, PrepProtect Buffer also preserves the integrity of DNA and proteins in biological samples.