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inverter heat pump
K-Generation R2-Series H2i™

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inverter heat pump inverter heat pump - K-Generation R2-Series H2i™


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The Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i™) R2-Series simultaneously cools and heats different zones within a building to provide energy saving heat recovery operation.

Our 2-pipe H2i R2-Series gives you the flexibility to fit the specific needs of any building and provides reliable cold-climate heating performance.

Innovative flash injection technology for tremendous heating capacity at lower outdoor temperatures
Built-in base pan heater to prevent ice in drain pan (T models)
2-pipe, air-source, simultaneous cooling and heating
INVERTER-driven compressor
Connects to CITY MULTI® indoor units
Connectable capacity of 50% to 150%
Controlled via CITY MULTI® Controls Network
Provides up to 100% heating capacity at 0° F outdoor ambient
Provides up to 85% heating capacity at -13° F outdoor ambient

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