radiation therapy test phantom / torso
QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Modus Medical Devices



  • Type of calibration:

    for radiation therapy

  • Area of the body:



Key Features

Operate the phantom directly from a PC or laptop
Simulate patient breathing inside a cylindrical diode array
Interchangeable inserts for multiple testing applications
Features a large 10 cm diameter cavity for versatile inserts
An optional 8 cm diameter adapter is available for smaller inserts
Works with a number of LINACS and motion tracking systems
Includes an unlimited multiple site software license


Communicate with phantom through local area network
Requires no additional programming or customization
Ability to rotate inserts as they translate to create 3D motion
Supports a wide range of ion chamber and film dosimetry options
Works with QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom 8 cm diameter inserts
Compatible with third party waveforms including; .VXP, .CSV, .TXT, .DCM, .LOG, .DAF, .IMA
Install the software on an unlimited number of computers at all official sites