medical sink / laboratory / autopsy / for hygiene area



  • Applications:

    laboratory, medical, for hygiene area, autopsy

  • Number of stations:


  • Specifications:

    with drainboard


MONOLITE IPERGRES® EU SINKS have different shapes and sizes: 400x400 – 500x400 – 600x400 – 800x400 mm
The sinks thickness is about 10 mm.

Structural ribs have been introduced to keep the thin parts stable.

The EU sinks have been designed to guarantee high mechanical performance with the maximum load for the bottom, at a very light weight.

The alternative kind of Waste Fitting + Over Flow only external sets are: metal or PP.
It is available a PP Waste Fitting + Over Flow “Tube” set.

Sinks can be mounted in the following way: Under Top, On Top and Flush mounting.

For On Top and Flush Mounting it has to consider only sinks with glazed upper frame.

Sinks can be produced in a wide range of colours.