dental washer-disinfector / floor-standing / front-loading / high-capacity
Moon-Rapid A520, Moon-Rapid A-420



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  • Other characteristics:

    front-loading, high-capacity


Moonmed rapid cycle multi-chamber washer-disinfector

This washer-disinfector is an internationally advanced product which is researched for the middle and large size hospitals. Its advantages is a high reliable quality washer for a high work load.It can be widely used for hospital reusable articles such as operating instruments, minimally invasive instruments, corrugated and anesthesia hoses, glassware, dental hand pieces, baby bottles and general medical instruments especially for hospital CSSD.

It has a modular design with a compact structure and provides multiple combinations to meet customer requirements.

The width of the washer-disinfector is only 1200mm which provides for a convenient installation.