rotary endodontic file / root canal shaping / NiTi

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rotary endodontic file / root canal shaping / NiTi rotary endodontic file / root canal shaping / NiTi


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    root canal shaping

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The dentist who aspires to make his mechanical root canal preparation more efficient and of higher quality has a decisive reason for choosing the nickel-titanium file systems made by Morita. Thanks to the flexible way in which these files have been alloyed they are able to adapt and adjust to all the various different forms and shapes of canal. The risks resulting from root canal aberrations are thus reduced and even curved root canals can be reliably prepared.

The EndoWave file system is based on the “crown down” technique and, with its five files which all vary in diameter, length and taper ratio, ideally well- prepared to facilitate high-quality root canal preparation.
With the basic procedure Kits A+ and B+, the ope- rator can optimally prepare individual shapes of root canal. Kit A+ is more suitable for preparing nor- mal root canals, while Kit B+ is more suitable for preparing narrow and severely curved canals. Only five files are required for preparation in a straight- forward sequence. A set of five files with the re- quired taper can also be ordered separately, if necessary.

Anti-screwing design
The unique “continuous wave design” of the files ensures that the files do not screw into or jam in the root canal. This wave design prevents the files being automatically drawn into the root canal, so preparation is much safer. The design also greatly reduces the amount of force the operator has to apply.