air/water heat pump
Airsol KVS WRG

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air/water heat pump air/water heat pump - Airsol KVS WRG


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A Monobloc with an integrated refrigerators - it cools the supply air and gives the waste heat directly to the exhaust air. Complete air conditioning. A favorite in autonomous roof centers. As Changeover system for the all-season employment: Heating and cooling with the same machine - without complex infrastructure! Combined with waste heat utilization and heat exchanger as a Recooler Heatpump. The machines use what they need, warm and/or cold weather. An ideal machine for the supply of your "temperature rails".

Customer benefits
Customer use complete climate system in a Monobloc without interfaces.
Central one with Changeover for all-season performane without connection of heating water or chilled water.
Isolated solution for user-oriented energy cost account.
Waste heat utilization for the heating with all-season heat sources. (Service areas/indoor swimming pools)
The warm and cold weather are integrated into the existing climate system with desiccant cooling.
Optimal performance and thereby reduced operating costs by performance-adjusted compressors.
Unit without separate heat exchangers with reduced place.
Production of cold weather with the Monobloc for cooling covers.