MRI preclinical tomography system / for small animals / cryogen-free
MRS 7000™ Series



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    for small animals

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The revolutionary MRS 7000 preclinical MRI systems are leading edge, cost-effective translational preclinical MRI instruments, providing superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability. The very compact MRS 7000 Series is almost identical in size to our revolutionary MRS 3000 Series systems, offering variable field strengths of 0.1T to 7.0T.

The cryogen-free superconducting magnets have almost no fringe field, allowing for safe use in any facility or existing laboratory and by any operator, with low running costs and no special site requirements.

The MRS 7000 MRI systems require NO LIQUID HELIUM. (Dry Magnet) The MRS 7000 series MRI systems are designed to complement and enable multi-modality imaging. Delivering powerful performance and ease-of-use. The systems are compact with a small footprint design that can be placed in close proximity to other imaging modalities.