ENT workstation / modular
Ergos 50

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ENT workstation / modular ENT workstation / modular - Ergos 50
  • ENT workstation / modular


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Multifunctional modular system
Ergos 50 can include therapy section, instrument module, wall cases with a built-in negatoscope, a sink, a writing-table for doctor or nurse, a monitor, a patient chair, a stool for ENT physician of different colors.

Integrated microprocessor
Control of all ENT unit functions. Self-test plugged-in hardware. Information displays on LCD monitor. 10 buttons for additional equipment control. Connection of modules for rhinomanometry , sinus echography and tympanometry.

Automatic on/off mode
Automatic on/off mode of all ENT tools for connection/disconnection with a console.

High-power suction system (up to 70 l/min)
Automatic system of secretion discharge preventing contamination and objectionable odor. ENT surgery suction system wash with compressed water. Small steel sink situated on the worktop close to suction pump handle allows to wash tools without moving from the work place.

System of water heating, irrigation and calorimetry
Ergos 50 ENT unit include electronic temperature control of 3 variants (30, 37 and 44 degrees) with indication of required one on LCD display. The head is equipped with water pressure control button. Two types of cannulas (straight and curve) for ear irrigation are available.