air-water vacuum pump separator / liquid
PureSep - AS, PureSep - MS

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air-water vacuum pump separator / liquid air-water vacuum pump separator / liquid - PureSep - AS, PureSep - MS


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The compressed air used for industrial applications contains high levels of impurities and condensate, the removal of which is of primary importance as it is a cause of rust and deposits in the air processing system and in the piping. The PureSep - AS condensate separators are a very effective solution for this type of problem as they remove most of the liquid condensate present in the compressed air system.
The AS separators are made up from an aluminium body containing a centrifugal element characterised by very high nominal separation efficiency (over 98%) and very low load losses.

Separator body in aluminium protected from corrosion via anodization and external powder painting
High quality and efficiency centrifugal elements for nominal separation over 98%
Designed for typically industrial and challenging conditions
Quick and easy installation
Reduction in maintenance costs and plant downtime.

Technical features
Body in die-cast anodised aluminium and externally powder painted
Centrifugal element: realised in plastic and stainless steel return channel
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar(g)
Maximum operating temperature: +65 °C