vacuum packaging system / mobile / for sterile materials / with touchscreen
C 400 TC



  • Type:

    vacuum, mobile

  • Product applications:

    for sterile materials

  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen


The C 400 chamber machine is designed for the packaging of sterile medical goods in medium-sized batches. The machine has a larger chamber than the C 300 and enables the sealing bars to be individually configured with regard to quantity and arrangement. They are temperature-controlled and continuously heated, which enables the processes to be calibrated and validated. Like all machines in the TC series, this machine is cleanroom-compatible. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, operation is very user-friendly. The C 400 TC has an automatic chamber lid for ergonomic operation and offers many different equipment and software options.

Free-standing machines

MULTIVAC free-standing chamber machines can be used in a mobile fashion thanks to their movable floor stands and allow for fast relocations. They are also suitable for packaging larger products. The vacuum machines are easy to operate, clean and service. The machines can be equipped with pumps with varying outputs according to individual requirements. MULTIVAC free-standing machines provide extremely high output and also have outstanding durability. The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and thus guarantee a reproducible packing quality.