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laboratory fume hood / for teaching / bench-top / ductless
Aura® Elite MY-AU42



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    for teaching

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Aura® Elite Ductless Fume HoodsConstant Monitoring of Temperature and HumidityMystaire® ductless fume hoods are self-contained, filtered enclosures that remove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles from virtually any laboratory application. Unlike traditional fume hoods there are no installation costs and no ductwork needed.Aura® Elite Classroom Demonstration Fume HoodsMystaire® Aura Elite ductless fume hoods are self-contained workstations that protect the teacher & students from fumes, vapors & particles; providing a safe laboratory environment. Students can easily view experiments through the clear sides and back panel. Fumes and particulate are captured by special multi-application filters designed to handle a variety of common chemicals and particulates.Aura® Elite Classroom Demonstration Package Includes: Aura® Elite Ductless Fume Hood Custom sturdy cart Educational specific filtration package