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ductless fume extractor / laboratory / containment / exhaust



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    containment, exhaust

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Fume and Particulate Containment at the SourceFUME EXTRACTORThe Mystaire® Ductless Fume Extractor is an excellent containment option and is designed to accommodate either HEPA filters or activated carbon filters. The fume extractor is lightweight and portable but yet powerful enough to provide a high level of odor or particulate containment. The fume extractor is engineered with a self-supportive single- or dual-flex arm for easy maneuvering and optimum source capture placement. This unit can be placed on the floor to free up much needed work space, or on the bench top. The lightweight and flexible snorkel arm is designed to be positioned directly at the source of fumes or particulate to capture them before they escape into the working environment.Depending on the application, a variety of high-quality filtration media will be utilized. Typical filter selections for this unit are: HEPA filtration, activated carbon, and specialty-blended filtration media for hard-to-adsorb chemicals like acid gas, aldehyde, or ammonia.This unit provides a highly energy-efficient, quiet, and economical solution for many operations that require fume extraction.FEATURES Sparkless and brushless centrifugal fan for quiet operation Epoxy coated aluminum construction Flexible snorkel capture arm for easy movement to the source of contamination Lightweight and portable 110V or 220V AC