electric chemotherapy chair / 3-section / variable height / adjustable backrest



  • Mechanism:


  • Number of sections:


  • Options:

    adjustable backrest, variable height


Application Scope:
Passion Medical Armchair is used for hemodialysis, blood donation, perdition dialysis, oncology, chemotherapy and rehabilitation.

1. Descriptions

ABS plastics molded to provide easy cleaning surfaces and disinfection.
All steel frame provides the chair with strong bearing capability, safe working load up to 240kg.
High density polyurethane foam for mattress with moderate elasticity and durability provides additional comfort for patients having to sit for long periods.
Soft upholstery makes of breathable PU material, which is waterproof, fire retardant, corrosion, easily clean & disinfection.
Four upholstery colors to choose from. Warm & light colors of upholstery contribute to patient's mental well-being.
The hand control and three motors allow for quick positioning for any situations, including trendelenburg (or shock position) with the push of one button.
Personalized double armrests design, upper armrest removable left to right to make patient comfort during procedures.
Mute medical castors ofφ10cm with separate brake.
The footrest can be adjusted according to the height of each patient.
The detachable headrest pillow can be adjusted according to the height of each patient.
CPR function for model PY-YD-320&340. Instant CPR release lever manually even power off.
Accurate digital weighing system for model PY-YD-340, weighing range 0~240kg.
An OPTIONAL back up battery pack is available in case of power loss.