dialysis bed / electric / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg



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    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg


1. Description

Whole bed with steel frame provide strong bearing capability, safe working load up to 240kg.

High density (45D) polyurethane foam for mattress with moderate elasticity and durability provides additional comfort for patients having to sit for long periods.

Soft upholstery makes of breathable PVC material, which is waterproof, fire retardant, anti-corrosion, easily clean & disinfection. The PVC leather is resistant to disinfectants, blood and urine too.

Four upholstery colors to choose from. Warm & light colors of upholstery contribute to patient's mental well-being.

The hand control and three Linak motors allow for quick positioning for any situations, including trendelenburg (or shock position).

Mute medical castors of diameter φ125 mm with central brake.

The detachable headrest pillow can be adjusted according to the height of each patient.

The collapsible aluminium guardrails is easy operated with one button.

Head & Foot Board adopts HPL board.

OPTIONAL accessory: Over bed table.

2. Saving space

Overall medical manual bed dimension: L 2040 mm x W680 mm x H 580~820mm. Smaller overall bed dimensions to save up to 30% of floor space, and therefore allows better and more functional use of space.

3. Multi-position adjustment

Multiple independent adjustment possibilities by 3 LINAK motors offer maximum patient comfort and reduction in staff work load.