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sterile lancet / infant sterile lancet / infant - NeatNick®


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NeatNick® Heel Lancet
Great blood flow, reduces rejects, less painful
Looking for a less painful lancet that offers great blood flow and saves money
Meet NeatNick Sweeping Action Heel Lancets.
Faster blade speed means less pain for babies
Smooth firing – does not “jump”
Clean-edged incision closes up fast with just light pressure
Controlled depth comparable to other brands
Bright tropical colors make it easy to find
Preemie and Full-term sizes
Reduces Newborn screening reject rates and reduces hemolyzed samples (Independent studies, May 2009, on file.)
NeatNick’s automated sweeping blade achieves a controlled depth of incision that is significantly safer than what medical literature has designated as acceptable depths of puncture for preterm and term infants. (1-3) Its controlled depth level is comparable to other automated heel lancets,4 yet it is designed to minimize infant pain through a high-speed nick and greater precision.
1 Blumenfeld, et al. 1979. Recommended site and depth of newborn heel skin punctures based on anatomical measurement and histopathology. Lancet I;230-233.
2 Jain, et al. 1999. Ultrasound study of heel to calcaneum depth in neonates. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. May, 80(3):F243-5.
3 Reiner, et al. 1990. Optimal sites and depths for skin puncture of infants and children as assessed from anatomical measurements. Clin Chem. Mar, 36(3):547-9.