organic elemental analyzer / for environmental analysis / for the pharmaceutical industry / bench-top
ECS series



  • Tested parameter:

    organic elemental

  • Applications:

    for environmental analysis, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



NC Technologies has developed a new series of organic elemental analyzers, the ECS 80 Series.

The new instrument platform will improve the efficiency and accuracy of your analysis. In particular, the most important improvements include:

wider range and type of samples and applications (details on application fields)
wider variety of sample sizes (from micrograms to grams of organic materials to be analyzed)
fully automatic (e.g. automatic leak test, automatic oxygen dosage,…)
time saving
low cost per analysis
results with the best accuracy and precision
Find hereunder more detailed specifications and descriptions about the new instruments

ECS 8020 dual furnace: the new and improved elemental analyzer based on the Dumas method for the simultaneous determination of CHNS-O elements (Download datasheet).

ECS 8040 single furnace classic: the “light version” for CHNS-O analyses.

ECS 8060 N, protein analysis: the specific analyzer for protein analysis for every kind of sample (food, feed, soil, fertilizer,…) ( Download datasheet).

ECS 8080 Universal microanalysis: the determination of CHNS-O elements and proteins in one single and advanced analyzer.

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