MRI room / modular / magnetically shielded

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MRI room / modular / magnetically shielded MRI room / modular / magnetically shielded


  • Type:

    MRI room

  • Other characteristics:

    modular, magnetically shielded


Next to radiation safety, NELCO represents ultimate flexibility. New construction, renovations, upgrades, additions — whatever the specific need, NELCO creates the optimal LINAC mazed and mazeless vaults. And as many of our components are modular, our systems are good to go, whether the space is owned or leased. LINAC vaults are frequently designed in mazed configurations, which allow for a less heavily shielded door system, or space-saving mazeless configurations for a smaller overall footprint in the facility. Our team of experienced engineering professionals will help find the solution that best suits your situation. And we’ll bend over backward to make it happen.


The LINAC vault is where external-beam radiation treatments are administered to treat all body parts/organs for cancer.