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transcutaneous neurostimulator / for vagus nerve stimulation
Monarch™ eTNS™

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transcutaneous neurostimulator transcutaneous neurostimulator - Monarch™ eTNS™


  • Type of neurostimulator:


  • Type of neurostimulation:

    for vagus nerve stimulation


The Monarch eTNS System is a new non-invasive device designed for a safe and effective treatment for drug resistant epilepsy and depression without any surgical procedure. The revolutionary system is the development of top researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The system features a compact stimulator which can be easily carried in pocket, worn at the waist, or set on a nightstand.

The stimulator is connected to a patch that can be placed on the forehead which transmits the electrical impulses for the stimulation of trigeminal nerve through the surface of the skin. The low energy stimulus is confined to the forehead's soft tissue without directly penetrating into the brain. The device can be used by the patient primarily during their sleep. PET imaging studies in humans have confirmed that eTNS inhibits the key regions of the brain effected with epilepsy and activates the depressed key regions of the brain.