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management software / electrocardiography management software / electrocardiography - Poly-Spectrum-Ergo


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Poly-Spectrum-Ergo software allows executing exercise testing by different cycle ergometers and treadmills. It can operate with Poly-Spectrum-12/E, Poly-Spectrum-8/E or Poly-Spectrum-8/EX ECG systems.

Poly-Spectrum-Ergo module provides all the necessary software tools for exercise testing including special mode of exercise ECG imaging, the execution of the necessary on-line estimates, and the summary protocol generation.

Exercise Testing Protocols:

Multistage test (on cycle ergometer or treadmill)
One-stage test based on BEE value (on cycle ergometer)
Astrand-Test (on cycle ergometer)
PWC 170 (on cycle ergometer)
Three-stage Swedish protocol by Sjostrand (on cycle ergometer)
R. Bruce protocol (on treadmill)
J. Naughton protocol (on treadmill)
Any protocol constructed by the user (on cycle ergometer or treadmill).