analysis software / visualization / CT / PET

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analysis software / visualization / CT / PET analysis software / visualization / CT / PET - BW


  • Function:

    analysis, visualization

  • Application domain:

    CT, PET, for MRI


Your right-hand assistant for improved workflow

BeyondImage Workstation (BW) is an application used for receiving, storing, viewing, manipulating, and exporting medical images. Using this software, digital images can be displayed and analyzed; study results can be written into reports and sent across computer networks from various sources (CT, MR, US units, computed and digital radiographic devices, etc...)

To accelerate image viewing, BW provides a series of advanced post-processing packages as well as analysis tools such as standard Multi-Planar Reformation (MPR) views and 3D views of Volume Rendering.


Patient Manager
-Supports multiple devices (CT, MRI, CR/DR, DSA, ECT, PET and US) in line with DICOM Standard 3.0; performs network transmission, query and CD/DVD backup of DICOM data
2D View
-Supports multi-screen display and series contrast;
-Provides a variety of image-processing tools, such as to pan, zoom, invert, select, enhance and rotate;
-Provides multiple measurement and marking tools, such as length, angle and text; and
-Supports image save/copy and images can be saved as in various formats, such as JPEG and DICOM.
Report Editing
-Provides a common report-editing module and can generage WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) reports which can be sent to print in one click;
-Supports for template customization
Film Printing
-Provides a common film-editing module with flexible layouts
-Films can be sent to print in one click