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respiratory muscles exerciser

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respiratory muscles exerciser respiratory muscles exerciser - RE201


  • Type of muscle:

    respiratory muscles


Helps reduce shortness of breath and boost performance
Helps patient to recover normal respiration after chest or abdominal surgery
Increases circulation of hormones in blood which increase blood flow to heart, brain and lungs.
Sustained deep breathing has been shown to relieve anxiety and fight stress.
Strengthens respiratory system & helps reduce shortness of breath.

Product Description
NEWNIK Respiratory Exerciser is an innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration. This device is composed of a base and of a central part divided into three chambers containing three small spheres different in size and colour. By means of inspiration the three spheres rise proportionately to the inspiration exerted. The ability to see the movement of the spheres allows to quantify the effort that has been made and to establish the efficiency of the exercise prescribed by the physician. For the exhalation we can also turn upside-down the device.