bone densitometry flat panel detector / for cephalometric radiography
NFP XL Bones



  • Applications:

    for bone densitometry, for cephalometric radiography


It is used in the health care sector, above all for bone and cephalometric examinations (CEPH). The quality of the image captured, the reduction in testing time and the saving on the system’s final costs equalize the NFP with the best CR systems on the market but at a significantly lower price, with the possibility of getting the direct image without having to remove the cassette from exposure to the reader. Exposure and reading take place inside the same panel.

The NFP radiographic panel is a revolutionary and decisive technological solution which can be used in the health care sector. It enables transferring a diagnostic radiological image on any PC screen in 10 seconds. The large format (35x120) is suitable for x-raying the whole spine into one single exposure, without recurring to costly stiching programs.