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digital phoropter
RT-6100, RT-3100

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digital phoropter digital phoropter - RT-6100, RT-3100


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Intelligent Refractor
Breakthrough refractor for precise and efficient examinations
Streamlined refractor head
User-friendly control console
Binocular open refraction
Program edit function
Simplified data transfer
Streamlined refractor head
Sleek form
In pursuit of a superior experience for both patient and operator, the RT-6100 employs a honed ergonomic design. The streamlined shape makes a sophisticated impression.

Elegance in motion
Extremely smooth, quiet and speedy lens changes ensure reliable and comfortable measurement without distraction.

Intelligent Refractor
Provided with a control box with touch panel for ease of operation. It has a 5.7 inch color LCD , switching charts and LED, an advanced dial is provided with S/C/A Mode Keys, this provides intelligent and reliable examinations or cross cylinder examination

A very easy program of Refraction sequences is seen with connection to IC card and EMR( Electric Medical Record), comparison is possible between auto lensmeter/ auto refractometer

The Refractor Head is designed ergonomically so as to provide comfortable examination, it has comfort design and wide visual field(40). It has Smooth and Quiet Lens for Faster examinations, power convergence and power PD is also seen. For improved Precision R/L Independent PD is provided, with built in clear and safe Illumination (White LED)