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32-channel EEG system / 64-channel / for pediatric monitoring / wireless



  • Number of channels:

    32-channel, 64-channel

  • Applications:

    for pediatric monitoring

  • Options:



Wireless EEG made simple – give freedom to the patient

During long-term EEG recording, the patient may need to spend many days connected to an EEG monitor in the hospital or clinic. This is a long and stressful time especially for a pediatric patient. Wireless data transmission with the aireeg wireless input unit (WEE-1200) gives the patient more freedom and quality of life during the long test.

Nihon Kohden trusts in the proven modular concept with the aireeg and offers 32- and 64-channel inputs as well as additional options such as video, photic stimulation and other innovative functions.

Pioneering technology for enhanced efficiency

Neurofax EEG systems, designed for high-acuity performance, feature cutting-edge technology to deliver superlative versatility for even the most demanding clinical requirements., a powerful data management system, supports the straightforward administration and organization of diagnostic data. Modern communication interfaces (HL7 and GDT/BDT) enable integration into hospital and practice information systems.
Digital video software allows synchronized digital video for EEG systems using webcam, professional HD camera, or picture-in-picture as per requirements.
EEG mapping offers amplitude with spectral and frequency online mapping during acquisition, even with single channels and montages.
Spike and seizure detection software with a high sensitivity and a stunningly low false positive rate
Polysmith* combines sleep analysis software with recording devices to provide quick and precise data analysis – for a complete PSG solution customized to individual needs.