air gas blender / oxygen / tube flow meter



  • Gas type:

    air, oxygen

  • Technology:

    tube flow meter


Product Introduction
The Air/Oxygen Blender is a precision proportioning device for mixing medical grade air and oxygen, which provides oxygen concentration and conveying gas flow controlled oxygen therapy for clinic. Besides as opened-end oxygen delivery, the Air/Oxygen Blender is supporting the use of infant incubator, infant radiant warmer, infant oxygen hood, oxygen therapy instrument, ventilator, CPAP, resuscitator and epidural instrument etc, especially suitable for neonatal intensive care unit and ward oxygen delivery (Forbidden for the high blood oxygen disease).

Performance Characteristics:

Oxygen concentration is 21%-100% continuous adjustable;

Oxygen concentration and flow rate is adjusted separately;

High precision regulating and continuous steady gas output;

Pneumatic control without power supply;

KY-30A and KY-30B can be used for two patients simultaneously.