thrombus aspiration catheter / blood vessel

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thrombus aspiration catheter / blood vessel thrombus aspiration catheter / blood vessel - TVAC™ Ⅱ KT


  • Application:

    thrombus aspiration

  • Area of the body:

    blood vessel


Increased vascular trackability
Increased flexibility and lubricity from the catheter tip to the distal shaft enable further improvement of trackability.
Anti-kinking braid tubing
The unique braid tubing provides for superior kink resistance in tortuous lesions and when multiple catheter insertions are required.
New type clot collecting filter (Cell strainer)
A large size clot collection filter (with partitions) is included.
It is designed for easy use by placing the filter on a waste fluid beaker (100 mL to 500 mL: Beaker sold separately).
Lineup with stylet equipped
A pre-inserted stylet Increases kink resistance and offers greater pushability during catheter delivery. 'Stylet must be removed prior to aspiration