5-part differentiation hematology analyzer / 26-parameter / for animals / benchtop
Norma iVet-5



  • Performance:

    5-part differentiation, 26-parameter

  • Patient type:

    for animals

  • Other characteristics:

    benchtop, compact, with touchscreen, veterinary


iVet-5: a must for all veterinary clinics
The iVet-5 is Norma’s hematology analyzer for veterinary use. This smart, laser-based 5-part differential hematology analyzer with open tube sampling mode can give precise complete cell blood count results for three animal species at the moment: dog, cat and horse. These animal profiles are continuously expending, and Norma will provide more measurement options in the future.

The iVet-5 inherited the Icon hematology family's all excellent features:

compact size - the size of a A4 paper sheet
easy maneuverability – touch screen with simple interface navigation
low sample volume processing – 2x 1.4 μl
small reagent consumption – 75% less than any other analyzer’s consumption on the market
low user maintenance requirements – no weekly maintenance actions
These features allow this unique veterinary analyzer to be used at the measurement site and open new diagnostic option for veterinary clinic.