height-adjustable Mayo table / on casters / stainless steel / electric



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    height-adjustable, on casters, stainless steel, electric


The mayo instrument table operio is the first mayo instrument table that keeps the instruments 100 % sterile during preparation and surgery
The mayo instrument table operio is equipped with a sophisticated system of hepa filters inside the unit. The air is taken from the operating room and filtered by Hepa H 14 filters (the best available filters for operating rooms!) The filtered air is free of bacteria's and protect the instruments during the phase of preparation and during surgery. Conventional instrument tables cannot ensure the sterility of the instruments after opening of the sterile package anymore. This can become critical especially in case of implant surgery where high asepsis is required or in case of long operations or immunocompromised patients. The mobile und focussed mayo instrument table combines the possibility to prepare instruments always under ultra clean air and reduces the contamination in the operating field up to 95 % . At the start of surgery, the instrument table prepared under focused flow is simply moved towards the surgical site and the focused laminar flow also protects the surgical wound area. The mayo instrument table with hepa filters can be transported and installed in any operating theatre in just a few minutes without interfering with the existing ventilation system. It is an ideal system for prosthetic surgery and any out-patient surgery such as cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, intravitreal injections, etc.