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Mayo table laminar air flow / ophthalmic surgery / mobile / horizontal
TOUL Operio

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Mayo table laminar air flow Mayo table laminar air flow - TOUL Operio


  • Applications:

    ophthalmic surgery

  • Configuration:

    mobile, for Mayo tables

  • Fluid:



Performing intravitreal anti-VEGF injections in ambulatory rooms or outpatient clinic rooms with operating room standard conditions

Operio is a mobile focused laminar flow unit which creates sterile conditions in ambulatory or outpatient clinics comparable to an operating room to perform intravitreal injections in absolute safety for the surgeon and his patients. Intravitreal injections can from now on be performed in any outpatient or ambulatory room with an extreme high degree of asepsis which was so far only be possible in an expensive operating room. The structure can save a lot of money as the intravitreal injections performed in an ambulatory room or outpatient clinic cost much less. The operations are much more profitable for the structure but at the same time a high degree of asepsis can be achieved which means more safety conditions for patients and hospital staff. The units are very cost effective and can be used immediately as they only require a normal power supply of 230 V .
Operio is a focused laminar flow unit positioned in the perioperative area directly on the surgical wound, without introducing obstacles into the zone.

This technology continuously produces sterile air, removing airborne particles and microorganisms from the critical zone of the surgical site and instruments. The Operio focused laminar flow unit sucks in the air around the operating theatre and filters it through Hepa filters, cleaning the air of 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms. The focused laminar flow acts directly on the surgical site and instrument table without being impeded, thus reducing by up to 95% the bacterial load on the surgical site and instrument table.