electric surgical suction pump / for liposuction / on casters
Vacuson 60 LP



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for liposuction

  • Configuration:

    on casters


The product is accurately adjusted for undertaking liposuction, which is simple on tissues, irrespective of tumescent local anesthetic. The operation of the device, relating to the Conform canula handpiece, is facilitated by the electric motor and the infiltration pump. Besides aiding in modeling, this combination calls for optimal cosmetic results. The foot pedal is used for managing the Vacuson LP 60. This enables the concentration of the surgeon on his work at hand. Besides optimal fat suction, the device ensures point precise functioning. The gentle diagnosis offered by the product is completely power-saving. The operating time is short, which accounts for optimization of time, besides cost estimation. The treatment it provides for the patients is smooth and the best offered in the market. The hand grip features compatibility with any common canule.

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