doctor's office stool / height-adjustable / rotating / with backrest



  • Setting:

    doctor's office

  • Features:

    height-adjustable, rotating

  • Other characteristics:

    with backrest, on casters


… for maximum comfort while working and complete harmonization of working space

Different types of Novak M medicine stools are extremely comfortable and widely used. Shape of stool base, height adjustment as well as color of upholstery will satisfy the demands and needs of any customer.

- extremely comfortable stool with height adjustment ensures perfect comfort while working
- upholstery available in more than 40 colors
- chrome-plated stool base
- 360° swivel
- five castors coated in rubber ensure perfect stability and mobility
- also possible with rubber feet instead of castors

base diameter: 54 cm
seat diameter: 36 cm
seat height: adjust from 46 to 58 cm

NO - rubber feet for SO/SON
HO - higher stool SO/SON (53-73 cm)

SON (round base, with backrest)