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    with hemostasis valve


The nPulse Valve Platform of needle-free connectors for infusion therapy is designed to compliment best clinical practices to reduce the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI), and reflux-induced catheter occlusions. 1-5

Neutral fluid displacement at both Luer connection or disconnection helps reduce reflux-related occlusions

Self-opening split septum (SOSS) protects septum plane from abrasion unlike spike platforms.

Dual seal design intended to defend against microbial ingress and provide redundant leak protection in critical arterial and high pressure applications.2

Designed to complement best clinical practices and does not require clinician clamping to control valve-induced reflux.4

Ergonomically designed to balance usability and size in clinical applications where smaller is better.

Solvent-free, permanently ultrasonically welded assembly to assure structural integrity of product and fluid containment.

Offered in multiple configurations to meet various clinical needs.

Sterile packaging available (e.g. blister packs and pouches).