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minor surgery examination table / cardiology / electric / tilting
Cardio Tilt Test



  • Applications:

    minor surgery, cardiology

  • Operation:


  • Features:


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    1 section


Electro-tilting bed for tilt-test in cardiology


24 VOLT 18Ah battery feed (very low security voltage) set up on the table. External battery charger.
It is possible to return rapidly by hand from vertical position to horizontal one with the help of a pedal disengaging the electromechanical control. Return cushioned by gas springs.
Approx. 5 working day battery autonomy.
Tilting time of table from vertical position to horizontal one is about 7 seconds.
Up - down control by pedals.
Tilting degree dispaly placed on both sides of the bed. It is semicircular and acts as accident prevention protection.
Feet-rest board with adjustable height.
No.3 security belts to set and keep the patient in the right position.
Swinging flexible phlebo-stand with counterweight.
No.2 flexible arm-restes, which are horizontal when the bed is in vertical position, equipped with hook and eye band to fix the arm.
Very stable steel structure that is anti-scratch paint covered put into an oven at 200°C at epoxy-polyester powder, colour RAL 9010 (light ivory).
Cushions are 6 cm thick and first quality washable material covered (colour at choice, see the schedule). Their profile allows an easy cleaning and a perfect hygiene.
Free of maintenance and self lubricating.
The system is reliable and it does not require a special technical assistance. All the mechanical and electronic components are easily replacable.
Two revolving wheels and two fixed ones to facilitate transportation.
Two levellers give a perfect stability and work as brake.