analgesic gas blender / oxygen / nitrous oxide
Equinox® II



  • Gas type:

    analgesic, oxygen, nitrous oxide


The Equinox® II Administration System is simple, safe, efficient way delivering pain relief during trauma, child birth or painful procedures!

The Equinox® II Administration System is a rugged demand inhalation unit for the administration of 50% N2O/50% O2 analgesic gas mixture (Entonox ALnox®) and was specifically designed for use in emergency and obstetric analgesia.
The system consists of a single stage pressure reducing regulator, a reinforced supply hose, a demand valve and a Universal patient oro-nasal mask. The Equinox® II Demand Valve delivers high flow rates with low triggering pressures, reducing the amount of effort required by the patient, to maintain the demanded flow.

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