automatic sandblaster / 1-tank

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automatic sandblaster / 1-tank automatic sandblaster / 1-tank - DENTASTRAHL AUTOMATIC


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DENTASTRAHL AUTOMATIC is a fully automatic sandblaster used by laboratories all over the world. Laboratories know the benefits of using the equipment, which encouraged them to invest in it. It is reliable and cost-efficient. It can clean a maximum of 15 removable denture castings in half an hour, allowing lab personnel time to perform other tasks. When blasting a single frame, the injector has to be swung to a vertical position and hold the casting below with the use of the rubber glove and begin the process by pushing the blast switch.

DENTASTRAHL AUTOMATIC has features that make it easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is sturdy, making it ideal for all kinds of dental alloys as well as plastic blasts. Cleaning of 15 castings can be done all at once in one operation. Blasting time can be selected through a timer (up to an hour). On the other hand, single casting may be manually blasted.