endodontic plugger / for gutta-percha
824-71x series

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endodontic plugger / for gutta-percha endodontic plugger / for gutta-percha - 824-71x series


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    for gutta-percha


Obtura Spartan Pluggers

Our line of Obtura Spartan Pluggers are designed for use with the Obtura MaxPack. They deliver consistent heat to soften gutta percha within root canals. These pluggers are available in ISO sizes: (30, 35, 40, 45, 55, 60) and ISO tapers .04 (Xtra-Fine), .06 (Fine), .08 (Fine-Med), .10 (Med), .12 (Med-Lrg). They are also color coded to make tip recognition easy. Obtura Spartan Pluggers
Other Features Include:

Tempered stainelss steel to provide flexibility during navigation of curved canals
Instant heating to soften gutta percha immediately
Autoclaveable, allowing for multiple uses and preventing cross-contamination

Additional Tips and Accessories

In addition to our line of Obtura Spartan Pluggers, we also have the following tips and accessories:

Spreaders (Narrow/Standard): Stainless steel spreaders designed for the Obtura MaxPack to spread gutta percha laterally within root canals
Hot Pulp Test Tip: Test pulp sensitivity
Plugger Stand: Durable stand that holds up to six pluggers for convenient tray setup and sterilization