temperature monitoring system / humidity / for cold chain monitoring / laboratory
Cobalt X2



  • Type:

    temperature, humidity, for cold chain monitoring

  • Application domain:

    laboratory, medical, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Product applications:

    for laboratory refrigerators, for laboratory incubators, for cryopreservation tanks, for security storage cabinets, for blood banks, for laboratory freezers

  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, continuous, with screen, automated


The latest OCEASOFT data logger, Cobalt X2, revolutionizes equipment monitoring for temperature and other physical parameters.
•Color touch-screen with key information and alarm acknowlegment
•Perfect for monitoring several pieces of equipment simultaneously
•Any combination of up to 4 wired and/or Bluetooth wireless sensors (temperature, humidity, % CO2…)
•Automatic sensor detection
•Remote access to data
•Real-time alarms and alerts
•FDA 21 CFR 11, EN 15189, GxP, IQ, OQ, HACCP