retinal photocoagulation laser / diode / tabletop / microsecond
Navilas® 577s



  • Applications:

    retinal photocoagulation

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Pulse duration:


  • Wavelength:

    577 nm


Navilas® 577s Introduced to the market in October 2016, Navilas® 577s is the most compact all-digital system for navigated focal and peripheral laser treatments.

Navilas® 577s offers you:

Key elements of laser therapy effectively integrated into one smart solution
Yellow 577 nm wavelength with microsecond pulsing
Compact design with small footprint
Familiar, intuitive use
Full-HD display
Use of standard contact lenses
Automated import of external diagnostic images

Laser wavelength : 577 nm (yellow)
Laser type : Optically Pumped Semiconductor (OPSL), Class IV
Aiming beam : Diode laser, 635 nm, < 1 mW, Class II
Laser power : 50-2000 mW
Pulse duration : 10–4000 ms
Microsecond pulsing : 50-500 μs; 5, 10, 15 %, variable duty cycle
Digital fundus imaging : True-color and infrared