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isolation tank

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isolation tank isolation tank


Odyssey Float Spa is on a well and we practice mindful water useage. We ask our floaters to shower, remove any perfume and makeup prior to arriving at the center. If thats not possible you are entitled to, two 5min showers one before your float and one to rinse the salt off after your float.
Key Benefits of Floating

-Relaxation & Stress management

-Relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms

-Decrease in cortisol production

-Release of endorphins

-Diminished Anxiety, Depression and Fear

-Increased circulation

-Lowers blood pressure

-Improved Sleep

-Faster Recuperation

-Body Regeneration

-Pain Management

-Enhanced Meditation

-Increased Creativity

-Left/Right Brain synchronization

-Mental Clarity

-Achieve deep Theta & Delta States

-Increased problem solving

-Increased productivity

-Enhance Hypnotherapy

-Heightened Visualization

-Facilitate freedom from, Habits, addictions and phobias

-Boost Athletic Performance

-Boost immune system function