plug-in type vacuum regulator / surgical / continuous
Push-To-Set™ 8700 - 1226 - 900

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plug-in type vacuum regulator plug-in type vacuum regulator - Push-To-Set™ 8700 - 1226 - 900


  • Connection type:

    plug-in type

  • Other characteristics:

    surgical, continuous


Product Order Number: 8700 - 1226 - 900
Product Specifications
Color Standard: Domestic (ANSI)
Gauge: Analog
Type: Adult
Mode: Continuous 3-Mode High (0-750 mmHg)
Body Color: Off-White
Source/Wall Connection: No Fitting - 1/8" NPTF
Patient Connection: No Fitting - 1/8" NPTF
The Push-To-SetTM Digital Continuous Vacuum Regulators (PTSCVR’s) exceed clinical expectations in medical suction procedures
by offering technology breakthroughs plus the quality and simplicity
you are accustomed to receiving from Ohio Medical’s products.
They feature the unique, patented Push-To-SetTM which provides
a reliable, means of setting the regulator for safe suctioning.
PTS-CVR’s provide regulated, continuous suction for tracheal
and pharyngeal airway management, surgical procedures, and
continuous nasogastric drainage.
The 3-Mode and 2-Mode High Continuous models provide adjustable
vacuum from zero to full available wall vacuum. The 3-Mode High
unit offers a MAX mode which provides unregulated, unrestricted
full available wall vacuum with the flip of a switch for aspiration
emergencies. The two low-vacuum models, NEO and PED, include
a negative pressure limit to restrict maximum negative pressure or
vacuum to 13.3 or 18.0 kPa (100 or 135 mmHg) respectively
Three specialized gauges are available. The High Continuous units
feature a large, 5.7 cm 0-100 kPa (0-760 mmHg) glow-in-the-dark
gauge with both kPa and mmHg scales. The gauge for the PED
Continuous unit features a low range, reading from 0 to 21.3 kPa (0-
160 mmHg) with color-coded low (green), medium (yellow) and high
(orange) ranges