plug-in type vacuum regulator / surgical / thoracic
Legacy 6700 - 1248 - 900

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plug-in type vacuum regulator plug-in type vacuum regulator - Legacy 6700 - 1248 - 900


  • Connection type:

    plug-in type

  • Other characteristics:

    surgical, thoracic


Ohio Medical's Legacy vacuum regulators have been the product of choice to healthcare facilities world-wide for decades, preferred for maximum performance, high quality and minimum maintenance. The legacy line of products offers a broad selection of regulators specially designed for a variety of clinical applications including airway, gastric and surgical suctioning as well as chest drainage.

Product Specifications
Color Standard: International (ISO)
Type: Surgical & Thoracic
Mode: High Surgical /Free-Flow (0-750 mmHg
Language: 1248
Source/Wall Connection: No Fitting - 1/8" NPTF
Patient Connection: No Fitting - 1/8" NPTF
The Ohio Medical® Surgical/Free-Flow Vacuum Regulator
is specifically designed to provide high flow rates and
minimal maintenance in the operating room and anywhere
high levels of suction are used. It provides reliable, fullrange aspiration for all continuous-flow suction procedures
and is equipped with many convenient, easy to use
features to facilitate surgical and/or emergency suctioning.
Surgical/Free-Flow’s exclusive straight-through regulating
mechanism replaces the complex vacuum circuitry existing
in many other regulators. It provides high flows up to 150
L/min and prevents build-up of aerosols and lint that clog
other regulators. It is classified as a high vacuum/high flow
unit. The high vacuum gauge is suitable to a wide range
of applications.
The Surgical/Free-Flow regulator may also be used as a
diagnostic tool to test maximum pressure from wall outlets.
• Straight-through Suction Control
Provides unrestricted, high flow rates up to 150 L/min
Reduces clogging, downtime