oxygen tester / for medical devices / portable / automatic
MiniOX® 3000



  • Tested parameter:


  • Applications:

    for medical devices

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, continuous


Ohio Medical carries the MiniOX3000 for continuous oxygen monitoring, the MiniOX100 Oxygen Analyzer for spot-checking O2 percentage, the MiniOX 200 Oxygen Analyzer for checking the oxygen percentage accuracy in blenders and concentrators and the MiniOx 200E which is especially useful for in-line monitoring of oxygen concentrations. We also offer a variety of sensors for use with our Oxygen Analyzers.

MiniOx 3000 & 1 External Sensor
Ideal for continuous oxygen monitoring, the
MiniOX 3000 is portable, easy to use, and
designed for in-line oxygen monitoring in hospital,
home ventilator, NICU, and anesthesia delivery
equipment applications. Powered by one 9-volt
battery, the MiniOX 3000 Oxygen Monitor provides
up to 1500 hours of use. Each unit is shipped
complete with sensor, coiled cable, tee adapter,
and battery.
Health-Care Applications:
Respiratory therapy
Neonatal care
High and low oxygen concentration alarms
Automatic calibration
Battery life indicators with alarms
Sensor/cable disconnect alarm
Alarm verification indicator
Extra-large display window
Integral tabletop stand
Range 0-100% O2
Resolution 0.1 O2
Linearity ±1%
Battery Indication Stage 1:
Warning that approximately six hours of monitoring life remain. “LO BAT” (Global version
displays “ ”) appears on display; beep sounds every 30 seconds until battery is
replaced or Stage 2 occurs.
Stage 2:
Alarm that proper operation is not assured. Monitor shuts down; audible and visual alarms
are activated.
Power Supply One 9-volt battery
Battery Lifetime Approximately 1500 hours
Cable Length 10 feet
Product Dimensions 5.98" x 3.26" x 1.31" (15.18 x 8.28 x 3.32 cm)