N2O outlet

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N2O outlet N2O outlet - 261000-10


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Product Specifications
Outlet Type: DISS Console
Air Type: Nitrous Oxide
Mounting Location: Console
Product Specification
•Accepts Chemetron', Diamond, Puritan Bennett ' and DISS specific adapters
•Pin indexed to prevent interchangeability of gas service
•Each outlet is cleaned for medical gas service and pressure tested
•Less than 3 psi (21 kPa) pressure drop through the outlet at 120 L/min and 50 psi (345 kpA) inlet pressure
•Gas specific back bodies can accept either Quick Connect or DISS front identification bodies
•Outlets can be adjusted up to 3/4” (19mm) in mounting plate thickness
•Adapters are available from Ohio Medical Corporation
The medical gas ceiling column outlet shall be Ohio Medical' series. The outlet shall be UL* Listed, NFPA®99 compliant, cleaned for medical gas service and be pressure tested. Each outlet shall have less than 3 psi (21 kPa) pressure drop through the oulet @ 120 L/min, and 50 psi (345 kPa) inlet pressure. For outlets providing positive pressure gas. the outlet shall be equipped with a primary and secondary check valve, the secondary check valve shall be rated for 200 psi (1,379 kPa) allowing the pnmary check valve to be removed for service without isolating the entire zone.
The ceiling column outlets shall have a gas specific back body which can accommodate up to a 3/4” (19mm) plate.

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