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fiber rhino-laryngoscope / pediatric

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fiber rhino-laryngoscope fiber rhino-laryngoscope - ENF-XP


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    fiber rhino-laryngoscope

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You will get exceptional performance with this ENF-XP rhino-laryngo fibrescope. Featuring a slim 2.2 diameter insertion tube that has a wide range of angulation, the device has high-res optics to assist with viewing the narrow upper airway passages of children and adults. The ENF-XP scope can be easily inserted, and its small size makes it ideal for pediatric procedures and narrow nasal cavities such as the paranasal sinuses. The endoscope can be easily maneuvered and its wide range of angulation ensures that the insertion of the device is easy and trouble-free. With its high resolution and brightness, this Olympus ENF-XP is especially suited for narrow upper airway passages in adult patients as well, making viewing the paranasal sinuses simpler than ever before.